Anna says:

It’s 2nd of December! happy winter everyone! Though I do miss snow!

All my friends back in Moscow are warming up for the season which is a wise thing to do cos when I come to Mayrhofen in April I will only have one week to snowboard so won’t have any time to warm up straight to the Vans Penken Park! (Can’t wait! I really miss snowboarding)

But guess what? I was riding my longboard today to and back from the Uni! 

It is probably wrong that all I think of (besides studies and deadlines for the essays) is my pics, snowboarding and skateboarding. And I’m pretty sure that after looking at skateboards all week I’ll end up spending my last bit of money on a new Skateboard. Girls my age should think about shopping and guys and all that bullshit. Fuck it! I don’t care.

Oh and the second snap is my veggie lunch yum! carrot and coriander soup and Indian snack selection. (thank you Tesco)