London experience: when going back from Uni in a pouring rain on a match day get a burger and take a pic with cardboard Arshavin by the burger stall I didn’t take a pic though.

Photo Set

Anna says:

And here are some pics of where we live as I’m bored as fuck during my 2 hr lunch break at Uni.

Hope everybody have a nice day.

Why? Because we love each other - that’s why! :)

Why? Because we love each other - that’s why! :)


you (an imaginary person who apparently reads this shit) might as well go and check out my portfolio and book a nice photographer for your event (and by nice I DO mean crazy)



Yeah. Finally the dream came true and Im here in the best city in the world! 

Lucky to breath London air, lucky to shop in London stores, lucky to have pounds in my wallet, lucky to live with a great person in the same room, lucky to use London transport, lucky to hear ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ 100 times a day, lucky to talk to London people, lucky to STUDY here for God’s sake!

Those people who say ‘Yuck. London? Is it where it’s always foggy and pouring ?’ can fuck themselves. It’s 28th of November and it’s +12 outside, so it’s somebody else somewhere else who’s fucked.

We live in Islington, the place not far from Hackney, but so far seems rather quite and safe. So whenever you’re near Finsbury park - pop in or take us out for a drink fellas.


Anna says

And I’m missing the snow. But no worries gonna hit the slopes of Mayrhofen once again in April at Snowbombing 2012 third year in a row. For now just watching the vids this one’s wicked! Actually it’s all about the soundtrack. always.

And if anybody knows where to find a decent place for longboarding in London I’d be very grateful!

peace.love.all that shit.

Anna Mills.


We’re Lola and Anna

2 crazy girls from Moscow (that’s in fuck ass cold country in eastern Europe near SIberia which is a part of this country as well so we’ll give you a hint Russia)

tomorrow is gonna be exactly 3 months of me (Anna Mills) here and on december the 1st we’ll be celebrating Lola’s 3 months in London!

what we do: we sometimes go to Uni while most of the time we rhyme shit in Russian and sometimes in English, drink, laugh, party, shop, sleep, listen to music

BUT what we like the most is to meet crazy ppl like us!

and also Lola sings so if u have a mic invite us over 

and I (Anna) take shitty drunk pictures at raves and parties, snowboard and skateboard occasionaly.

That is all for now 

watch this space